The View Tube

The View Tube is a social enterprise and community venue located on The Greenway adjacent to the Olympic Park. The land on which the View Tube is situated offers a good view of the Olympic Park with public maps for information about the view.

It was built using recycled shipping containers whose construction and installation was delivered by Urban Space Management. The View Tube is a partnership project between Leaside Regeneration, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, the Olympic Delivery Authority and Thames Water.

The View Tube includes a café, education, arts and information spaces with a panoramic view over the Olympic Park and Stratford City. The Container Cafe isn't your average cafeteria, featuring quirky furniture, and the ever changing art space creates a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Olympic park in full construction mode. It's gallery has already hosted some interesting and thought inspiring work.

The View Tube is an excellent destination for a day out and about. Whether you are looking to find that next great spot for a tea and coffee, or use it as a goal marker for a greater adventure, the View Tube has all the facilities on hand to make it worth every effort.

Finding the View Tube:

The View Tube is located on The Greenway in Stratford. We recommend you take public transport to the View Tube as there is no parking or vehicle access to the Greenway. The nearest public transport is Pudding Mill Lane DLR, just one stop from Stratford station on the Docklands Light Railway

  • Please note that the View Tube is currently closed but will be re-opening to the public on 1st December 2012